Resort-Like Boarding for Pets in the Niagara Region

At Martindale Kennels & Grooming Inc, we're much more than basic kennels and dog runs. As animal lovers, we love to give animals the love and attention they crave. Our facilities include climate-controlled kennels for dogs, separate boarding areas for cats, and a large yard for play, walks and fun. Pet pickup and delivery can also be arranged to our St. Catharines location. 

Health, Security and Happiness for All Our Pet Guests

To ensure the safety of all of the animals, we request that you show papers showing that your pets have been are vaccinated 2 weeks before staying with us. We encourage you to bring anything that makes your friend more comfortable, including blankets, toys or their favourite foods. Our staff are compassionate and proficient in administering medications and tending to your pets with special needs.

Please call us if you have any questions or would like to meet us and tour our facilities before your pet's stay.

We provide high-quality food.

Lodging for All Pets Including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs

Check out our boarding prices below:

  • One dog overnight $28.00
  • One dog day stay $21.00
  • One dog on a stat holiday $32.00
  • One dog discharge on a holiday $20.00

  • Two dogs overnight $49.00
  • Two dogs day stay $36.00
  • Two dogs on a stat holiday $57.00
  • Two dogs discharge on a holiday $36.00

  • One cat overnight $17.00
  • Two cats overnight $28.00
  • Rabbits/Hamsters/Guinea Pigs overnight $14.00

  • Seniors discount (65 years +) 10%
  • Multi pet discount (3+ animals) 15%
  • Insulin injections $2 each
  • Pill administration $1 each

Dog Boarding

  • Flexible stays
  • Dog kennels with heated floors
  • Dogs are walked 3-4 times daily in the backyard (no charge)
  • Grooming is available while your dog is boarding
  • We provide high-quality dog food

Cat Boarding (Private)

  • Private cat room
  • We provide high-quality cat food
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